going left

In the face of steadfast conventions, we strive to perpetually pivot. We always re-imagine the possibilities. Never afraid to take that first leap, we set the course for others to follow.

LEFT LANE’s brand of hospitality goes well beyond the tired “luxury” construct and aspirational image plays. Our efforts are intended to deliver a clear, concise and absolutely vital message to our guest:


“We are thrilled to welcome you to an environment that was meticulously crafted by the most talented and conscientious team in hospitality. We designed and built this place for you. Your experience here will include dynamic local personalities and fellow travelers from across the globe. What draws us together is a deep appreciation for world-class service, impeccable design, masterfully curated flavors, a vigilant eye for detail and the organizational stamina to create, grow, and sustain a highly-regarded brand and a world-renowned experience.”

Above all else, we are in the business of placemaking, crafting spaces and creating experiences that yield meaningful impact. Our work is informed by human-centric approach and deeply rooted in the principles of environmental and social responsibility.


Profit will never be our only measure of success. The core principles of ESG inspire both our corporate culture and our commitment to inclusion and environmental stewardship at the property level.